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    Company Profile

    Wenzhou City Ruiguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of gravure printing presses, composite machines, Slitter, bag machines and other equipment manufacturers. Leading products "unit-type economic gravure printing machine" best-selling domestic provinces and cities and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, more than 10 countries. For a long time, the company is committed to the printing and packaging machine research, development and production, the use of Ruian "China Printing Machinery and Equipment City," the unique production and processing advantages, Bocaizhongzhang, continuous research, improve and improve the product gradually highlight its advanced performance And reliability, and to a good price to capture the market.

    Company to "green, environmental protection, efficient, humane" for the most sought, committed to providing users with quality service. At the same time adhering to the "integrity management, technology leadership, fine management, learning innovation" business philosophy and "every year, every day we are in progress," the spirit of enterprise, in the "customer satisfaction, customer profitability," the principle of service, To provide users with more quality products and value of the after-sales service.

    Sincerely look forward to working with more people with lofty ideals, but also look forward to the old and new users to us with more valuable advice. We would like to join hands with the majority of users, for the development of China's printing and packaging industry to make a significant contribution to common progress and common prosperity!

    If you have any product questions or suggestions, or you want to know, you can contact us at any time.

    Contact us

    • Building 2, Jingye Road, Sanqiao, Dongshan Economic Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province
    • 13396778787 15355956668
    • 0577-65167588
    • 0577-65161388
    • rg@rgyj.net


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